Jade’s Match: The Jewel Series Book 7


Cora Anderson (also known as Jade) is an Olympic volleyball player who takes part in a phone company's marketing project, promoting their new phones. She has to pretend to be in a relationship with star hockey player Davis Elliot, who is hoping to get on the Olympic team. They get off to a rocky start. She assumes things about him even before she gets to know him. However, as the months go by, their fake relationship turns them into friends. They begin to enjoy each other's company and soon they hate being separated. However, with their relationship in the spotlight, the cruel realities of the world turn on Davis and Cora. Will their developing love continue even after the marketing project is over?

Get swept away in this innocent romance! Both Cora and Davis are devout Christians. Their faith and their walk with God are very important.  As far as characters go, these two are difficult to like in the first half of the book but they do grow towards the end. They are very judgmental at first, consumed with their reputations and how others perceive them. The book moves slowly and has a few grammatical errors. One thing that is great about this story is that it touches on real issues like racism and controlling anger. Davis is Korean and deals with racism, which triggers an angry response. Cora is there to support him every step of the way. Overall, this book is a darling read for those who love a good romance based in faith.

Amanda Hupe