Rainbows in the Moonlight

Ryan Jo

Koda Jacobs desperately needs a nanny for her children, Terry and Ruthie. Fresh out of prison, Dalton Clayton needs a job – any job. Koda meets Dalton when she gets a flat tire after church. Her children bond with Dalton on the spot and on faith, she asks this handsome stranger to be a temporary nanny for her children. Desperate for work, he accepts the position and begins the next day. Dalton falls for Koda, but he cannot get past the felony in his background. Koda is reluctant to become involved with anyone after her husband’s gruesome death. How will this couple move on to see the rainbows in the moonlight?

“Rainbows in the Moonlight” is a story of a man coming into his own and finding a “happily ever after” following a tragic mistake. As a Christian novel, it never gets preachy, but delicately delivers its message of redemption. The first chapters are interesting and tell what Dalton does to keep the children occupied. After a few chapters, this becomes mundane and slows the story. Dalton beats himself up excessively for his past and needs to love and forgive himself. He also overreacts and runs away when things get tough. The ending was abrupt although it is definitely not a cliffhanger. The children in the tale bring a certain light to the story with their antics. They are well described and bring life to the novel. A feel good story, suitable for all readers, “Rainbows in the Moonlight” satisfies.

Belinda Wilson