Silver Screen Kisses: An Echo Ridge Anthology

Janette Rallison, Heather Tullis, Rachelle J. Christensen,
Cami Checketts, Lucy McConnell

Lacey Johnson dreams of a restaurant of her own, but she talks and dresses like a hick. No one takes her seriously, until Garrett Halifax comes on the scene and makes a lady of Lacey. Maria wants to meet a nice man, and has been corresponding with one on a dating site. She wants to meet him, but a friend also shows interest and she likes him back. Elise Gibson lives with her grandmother and helps pay bills. This year, taxes on the house are so high they can’t pay them. Besides that, the roof just started leaking! Jessica made a pact with Ross if they weren’t married by their thirtieth birthday, they would marry one another. Now Ross is telling her he is getting married! She must break them up! Mia has admired Ryder from afar for ages. When he is injured at the ski slopes, he claims he and Mia are getting married. From there, the rumor grows until everyone in town knows!

“Silver Screen Kisses: An Echo Ridge Anthology” examines the lives of five ladies in the town and follows them in their search for love, even when they themselves think they are looking for something else. The heroes and heroines in this piece are very strong and carry their stories well. Each story is finely crafted and roughly follows the movie from which it is derived. Many of the secondary characters have little depth but are necessary to round out the stories. Although they make for good reading, the stories in general are too predictable. The order of the stories made things a bit confusing on the timeline, particularly the story about Elise and the last story that talks about Elise steaming off wallpaper. This is a sweet, clean little gem, suitable for all readers.

Belinda Wilson