Reviews - Inspirational

SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  Reginald Barker has created a weaponized rabies virus to be used as a tool of mass destruction. It has been released to the world—without either his consent or a ready vaccine—and Reginald now needs to get his family to a fortress he has built in Texas. Randi Martinez, a former Marine, built the safe haven for Barker and has now brought her family there to live.

MEMOIR:  Saffi will do most anything for her family, so when her mother-in-law, Gummy, is diagnosed with dementia she is determined to help her in any way possible.  As she shares the experience of moving Gummy from her home and into an assisted living facility, Saffi weaves funny and heart-warming stories of both past and present.  “Nobody Told Me” is glimpse into the power of love and family


SUSPENSE/THRILLER/WESTERN:  After receiving a phone call from a man claiming to be her stepfather who tells her that her mother is dying, artist Abigail Carson sets off for Wyoming, unaware she is right in the path of a blizzard. An Arizona native, Abigail has no idea what she is in for and is completely unprepared.

Jeff calls his grandparents to share the exciting news of his engagement to Amber, which happens to be the same day that Sarah, Jeff's grandma, is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. One relationship starts and another is handed an unknown expiration date. After Jeff and Amber's wedding they discover that married life is nothing like they expected.

Even after two and half years, Mia still hurts over the loss of her dog, Austin.  Along with the heartache of not having his companionship, she also struggles even more with Meniere’s disease without him by her side.  When she meets a stranger and his dog on Halloween night, everything begins to change.  With his caring nature, the calming spirit his dog brings and visions of her Austin, Mia wo