Somewhere Over Austin’s Rainbow


Even after two and half years, Mia still hurts over the loss of her dog, Austin.  Along with the heartache of not having his companionship, she also struggles even more with Meniere’s disease without him by her side.  When she meets a stranger and his dog on Halloween night, everything begins to change.  With his caring nature, the calming spirit his dog brings and visions of her Austin, Mia wonders if they are all just angels sent from God, and what their purpose could be in her life.

Anyone who has ever cared deeply for a pet will connect with the love Mia has for Austin, her therapy dog. Author Shiloh Love does a decent job of educating her readers about a disease that is not widely known and revealing how important a therapy animal can be in one’s life.  Although the ideas in the story are interesting, the lack of any character development and clear direction for a plot rob the potential for a good story.  The main character, Mia, comes off as severely judgmental and close-minded to everything and everyone, making it impossible to relate to her difficulties.  The twist in the end is interesting but unfortunately, with the absence of a build-up and plot progression, it falls flat.  Ms. Love has some unique ideas and a good writing foundation — just a little more development is needed for a good story.  

Amy Cefoldo