Love Like Alzheimer's


Jeff calls his grandparents to share the exciting news of his engagement to Amber, which happens to be the same day that Sarah, Jeff's grandma, is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. One relationship starts and another is handed an unknown expiration date. After Jeff and Amber's wedding they discover that married life is nothing like they expected. They find themselves working more and growing apart. When the young couple is asked by Jeff's family to help with Sarah's care, they begrudgingly oblige. They hardly have time for each other and don't want to spend more of their time with Sarah while she is deteriorating. Helping the grandparents in turn helps the young newlyweds find what’s really important in a relationship, which brings  them closer together.

"Love Like Alzheimer's" is a poignant tale about two relationships: an older couple dealing with Alzheimer's, and a young couple embarking on a new journey together. The two stories are beautifully interwoven. The couples learn from one another — the older learns to accept help from the younger and they, in turn, learn what is important in marriage. The growth of the characters is a beautiful journey and will keep the reader enthralled. The writing is passionate about the subject matter while tucked neatly in a well-executed narrative. The author used many facts about the disease without bogging down the story. Whether the reader is familiar with Alzheimer's or not, there is much to be learned about life in this narration. Ryan Curtis' novel is a must read. 

Jessica Samuelsen