Nobody Told Me: Love in the Time of Dementia

S. R.

MEMOIR:  Saffi will do most anything for her family, so when her mother-in-law, Gummy, is diagnosed with dementia she is determined to help her in any way possible.  As she shares the experience of moving Gummy from her home and into an assisted living facility, Saffi weaves funny and heart-warming stories of both past and present.  “Nobody Told Me” is glimpse into the power of love and family — and how even as memory fades, life continues to move forward.

Ms. Karfelt holds little back in this heart-felt account of mother-in-law Gummy's losing battle with dementia.  The writing is raw, compelling, and brings the reader into her home with her family during this hard time.  “Nobody Told Me” is full of sassy banter between Saffi and Gummy and real moments of confusion and heartache — as well as the hard decisions a family must make for their loved one.  The story line becomes repetitive about half way through, which is understandable given the subject matter; however, it drags this otherwise beautiful story down.  Anyone who has ever dealt with (or is dealing with) a family member suffering from dementia will find comfort between the pages of “Nobody Told Me.”

Amy Cefoldo