Contagion: Dark Days (Book 1)

Marcy G.

SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  Reginald Barker has created a weaponized rabies virus to be used as a tool of mass destruction. It has been released to the world—without either his consent or a ready vaccine—and Reginald now needs to get his family to a fortress he has built in Texas. Randi Martinez, a former Marine, built the safe haven for Barker and has now brought her family there to live. Josh and Mark, Reginald’s nephews, make it to the stronghold not too long after the Martinez family. They quickly agree to work together to ensure everyone’s survival. 

The suspense and timing are well done and the Christian undertones help to round out the story. Unfortunately, for a zombie apocalypse, "Contagion" doesn’t bring a lot to the table. The whole "weaponized rabies virus" has been overplayed. The book is full of redundant writing, some of which rendering whole chapters unnecessary, not to mention the handful of typos that are hard to move past. The story also ends as a cliffhanger, encouraging readers  to read the next book in the series, but it does not have anything to hold its audience, nor does the story lend itself to be promising moving forward. However, for fans looking for stories of hope and redemption, this might just be the ticket.

Yannie Sorensen