Reviews - Historical

Cutlass Anne

Lady Anne Crowley lives a life of luxury with her little sister Jane and her father, the governor of South Carolina. Unbeknownst to her, a deal has been struck by her father, with Anne as the payment.

Aggie McLaren has been the victim of her fathers brutality for years.

Joelle Quint, notorious female pirate and captain of the legendary ship, Rissa, is tormented by unanswered questions about her past. After acquiring Sloan Ricker, a slave with map-reading skills, she sets sail to discover the truth - treasure worth more to her than any gold. However, Sloan has his own agenda.

Passion’s Exile

Lady Rosemund knew she would be required to marry someone of her parents choosing, so when Sir Gawter comes to claim her, she is resigned...

Soldier In Her Lap

The Civil War is in its dwindling days when Lucas Grady shows on Sophia's doorstop with lead in his leg. She’s watched her friends marry and ride off into a happy sunset, but her life on a Georgia dirt farm is far from happy. Taking in the young, handsome man is a risk, but her dream of a soldier falling in her lap may have come true.