Dearest Darling (Love Letters)


WESTERN:  Emily Darling lived a charmed life - until her parents died and her brother took control of the family money and her life.  Now delegated to no more than an overworked housekeeper, Emily can see no way out of her miserable situation - until she stumbles upon a misplaced letter written to another woman.  Suddenly a chance to escape presents itself, and, although Emily knows it isn’t entirely right, she grabs it. 


Daniel Saunders loves Wyoming but is lonely and needs someone to share his life with.  He started writing to, and soon fell in love with, a lovely lady from New York who then agreed to become his wife. That’s why, when a complete stranger shows up in her place, he is livid!   How dare this girl cheat him out of his true love! Problem is... what is he to do with her now?  He doesn’t have extra money to send her back and she arrived with nothing....


This story takes the common mail-order-bride trope and turns it upside down!  It rarely follows the normal course; instead, it gifts the reader with twists and turns that surprise and delight.  The only problem is in the length!  This original and intriguing tale desperately needs time to deepen the relationship, explore the twists and engage the emotions.  As it stands, one is required to believe in the love, the events, and the resolutions with little understanding as to exactly how it all happened.  Still, it is an expertly-penned confection for those who have just a smidge of time and need a quick, fun fix.


Ruth Lynn Ritter