Revenge and Retribution (The Graham Saga #6)


Life in the 16th century American colonies comes with excruciating challenges - especially for the 21st century Alex, who has had to learn to adapt or die.  Matthew Graham has been her love, her saving grace and her reason for living ever since he found her and despite the odds, they have built a beautiful life together.  


Little do they know, however, that their happy life will soon crash around them.  Alex is being accused of witchcraft by none other than their beloved brother-in-law.  If that is not enough, the evil Burley brothers have finally succeeded in gaining their revenge by capturing Alex and Matthew’s beloved daughter and son.  What Matthew does to secure the life of his child threatens to destroy the very heart of the family he cherishes.  All, as another son is taken by force by the Susquehannock chief. It will take a will stronger than Alex ever dreamed to save her family.


Although at first glance this tale seems a bit too farfetched to be believable, if read within the context of the five previous books in this richly addictive series everything makes perfect and deadly sense.  The violence endured is a bit more harsh and graphic but it is always sympathetically and expertly done. It is a riveting story! Historical accuracy is deftly laced into each situation and scene until the reader not only feels the emotions of those brave settlers but learns rich lessons on colonial life, attitudes and struggles to boot.   This is truly a gem to devour!


Ruth Lynn Ritter