Confederado do Norte

Linda Bennett

In the devastation following the Confederacy’s defeat in the American Civil War, Mary Catherine’s family immigrates to Brazil in search of a new life. Unhappy about the move, young Mary Catherine finds herself in continuous trouble - first her mother succumbs to disease and then her father drowns under mysterious circumstances. Left in the care of her Uncle, who blames her for his sister’s death, she grows and faces challenges as those around her seek to control her. From poverty to wealth, Mary Catherine must rely on herself and carefully chose who she will trust just to survive the wilds of Brazil and stay true to herself.


An outstanding historical novel, the story is told by an older Mary Catherine recounting her life as a child and young woman. Her adventures in Brazil are intriguing; in part because the immigration of Southerners to Brazil isn’t widely known, and in part because of Mary Catherine’s work with the Brazil underground railroad - despite her family having owned slaves before the war. Her romance with the heir to the local Portuguese family fortune is a passionate whirlwind that sweeps her off her feet while still being filled with challenges. The pacing and flow of the story are smooth and keep the reader’s interest until the end.  A masterful work of adventure, romance, and independence!


Sarah E. Bradley