Redemption (Ladies of Larkspur #3)


INSPIRATIONAL:  Minnie left Larkspur in search of something more for her life. San Francisco, however, didn’t work out the way she expected. Returning to Larkspur as a suspect in her husband’s murder and with only a few possessions, she doesn’t expect to be welcomed home by her family and friends or to find an ally in the new Sherriff. Art knows something is wrong the moment he sees Minnie without her usual energy or vivacity. He’s determined to protect the girl he never could forget, even from herself. With a murderer potentially on her heels, Minnie must remember to trust, and find her faith in her family, friends, and God once again before she runs out of time.


The third in the Christian romance “Ladies of Larkspur” series, “Redemption” finds Minnie facing defeat. Nothing has gone right for her and she’s been forced to make a living writing under a pseudonym because of her husband’s problems. She’s ashamed of her decisions and life since leaving home and wants to take responsibility for it without quite knowing how. The mystery behind her husband’s murder and the romance between Minnie and Art will draw the reader in as the focus of the story, even while fun characters from previous books and new characters join in to make the reader smile and gasp. With a few new twists “Redemption” is the best of this series so far!


Sarah E. Bradley