Reviews - Historical

FANTASY:  Set in the land of Almere, two warring city-states are brought together with a third that provides the leadership and buffer. However, 30 years later, factions begin to pull brutally violent strings to sever the tenuous tie.

Mine to Tell
Colleen L.

All her life, Annabelle Crouse has felt a connection to her great-grandmother, Julianne despite the shame and disapproval her entire family has laid at Julianne’s feet.

Beauty and the Spymaster

Helena Duncombe is infamous in the ton as a high-class courtesan with scandalous fashions, wit, and charm. Her marriage to the Lord Chauncey should have secured her for life.

My Lord Rogue

Baroness Gillian Chauncey is racing against time; with only moments to spare she must save Admiral Nelson from an assassination attempt or fail to fulfill her husband’s dying wish. Trained as a spy for the British Empire during the Napoleonic wars, Gillian is prepared for everything: except to run into her one love, and the last man she wanted to see again.

MYSTERY:  Upon his return to England Lord Robert Markson is faced with two tasks he never dreamed of; to accept the title of Viscount of Hampshire and to track down the murderer of his father and older brother.  With virtually no clues or motives Robert accepts help from the most unlikely of source