Chained (Chained Trilogy Book 1)


FANTASY:  Set in the land of Almere, two warring city-states are brought together with a third that provides the leadership and buffer. However, 30 years later, factions begin to pull brutally violent strings to sever the tenuous tie. Older men remember how things were, and have trained their children to distrust and hate. The men left with calm intellects and cool heads are being killed. In the middle of this, Caden eldest son of a former king, and Gwen – only daughter of the hated other former king, are thrown together as the only ones who know all the pieces, yet no one is willing to listen to the young.


A world plucked straight from our medieval times, readers will understand the intricacies of courts and the slowness and inaccuracies of information going from one place to another. The title of this first in a trilogy alludes to chains, both physical and emotional. An unlikely alliance is made between Caden and Gwen. Yet, in the very last pages, Caden does not explain his actions to Gwen - something in total opposition to the alliance they have forged. "Chained" will have readers wanting to throw the book across the room as we see, with sweeping dramatic irony, how every action by every player will feed the hatred and distrust of the city-states and former kings, and we know a united Almere is being destroyed, yet one will be completely unable to put the story down, knowing that Caden and Gwen’s forbidden relationship has everything to do with a reunification we cannot fathom actually coming to pass.

Bring on book two, Ms. Marion!


Julie York