Beauty and the Spymaster


Helena Duncombe is infamous in the ton as a high-class courtesan with scandalous fashions, wit, and charm. Her marriage to the Lord Chauncey should have secured her for life. However, the Lord is not what he appears, and Helena and her daughter Sophia must escape into hiding or risk Lord Chauncey forcing Sophia into marriage. While on the run, Helena finds sanctuary in a country church, but the vicar who takes her in, Julian Grey is not what he seems either. He is, in fact, as Helena quickly learns, a spy for the crown. Together they might be able to catch a traitor and save Helena from her husband, if they can keep their attraction under control.


A winning sequel to “Song for Sophia”, this historical romance reveals what Helena was up to while her daughter hid and found love. An equal victim of her husband’s abuse, Helena finds herself in love with the somewhat straight-laced spymaster vicar. Julian in return is fascinated by the seductive lady with an eye and mind for espionage. The romance between the two is sweet with an edge of simmering passion. Although not new, the plot moves smoothly and quickly, keeping the reader involved until the end. Overall, historical romance readers will definitely wish to add “Beauty and the Spymaster” as well as it’s prequel to their must read lists.


Sarah E. Bradley