My Lord Rogue


Baroness Gillian Chauncey is racing against time; with only moments to spare she must save Admiral Nelson from an assassination attempt or fail to fulfill her husband’s dying wish. Trained as a spy for the British Empire during the Napoleonic wars, Gillian is prepared for everything: except to run into her one love, and the last man she wanted to see again. Lord Simon Danbury never expected to see his true love again, especially after he arranged her marriage to another for her own safety, but as the man in charge of Nelson’s safety the two must work together as professionals despite the passion between them.

A historical novella, “My Lord Rogue” has a new and pleasant twist on the genre. Gillian is no fainting damsel, while Simon is not a perfect lord. Their characters both have some depth and the background is well explained. Set alongside real events, this novella balances romance and thrilling intrigue as Gillian and Simon walk the edge between passion and duty. This story is primarily a prequel to the “Nelson’s Tea” series and explains how the first sons, including Simon, became part of Admiral Nelson’s espionage group. As a result it ends very suddenly in a kind of cliff hanger. In concert with the series this is a great read and a good introduction to a thrilling and passionate historical romance.

Sarah E. Bradley