The Masked Lady and the Murder


MYSTERY:  Upon his return to England Lord Robert Markson is faced with two tasks he never dreamed of; to accept the title of Viscount of Hampshire and to track down the murderer of his father and older brother.  With virtually no clues or motives Robert accepts help from the most unlikely of sources, a rather plain young woman with a secret penchant for solving mysteries.  Against all his good sense, he realizes that this young woman is not at all what she appears and may lead him into more trouble than he bargained for, because his heart is even more at risk than his life.


With characters that stay delightfully true to their time period, this quick and easy mystery gives readers a short escape without taxing the intellect.  While the length doesn’t allow for a lot of depth, the author does a wonderful job of drawing one into the Regency world and endearing them to his characters.  The plot line is rather predictable and the situations are a bit far-fetched at times, making the villain seem more Snidely Whiplash than dangerous criminal.  Still, it is an enjoyable way for those who like a sweet, light mystery to spend an afternoon!


Ruth Lynn Ritter