Reviews - Historical

Nobility is a thorn in the side of Lady Daisy Warren, who rejects class standings.  She chooses to live among common people while serving at an inn after a disgracing misadventure.  Secretly an author of

Passion’s Fire

Brig has happily spent her life in breeches and posing as the son of the armorer.  That is, until Matthew de Rowenne is assigned to once again return to Scotland and deal with political unrest.  He’s got

REGENCY:  Rafe Landsbury, the Earl of Markham, is both a mysterious man and known rake.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  According to her sister-in-law Wilhelmina,  Samantha Hastings has postponed her debut into fashionable London society for far too long.  While both women have enjoyed living qu

After serving his Majesty Henry VII in a battle to overtake the rebellion in Cornwall, Arsenius De Wolfe, a descendant of the great William De Wolfe, has earned the Bellesea tit