A Touch of Silver


Earl Gerald Dersingham is more than content living out his life far away from high society and with only his sisters as company. About to be betrothed to a duke’s daughter who is about as cold as ice, he meets Annie, a charming, warm, heartfelt young woman who he could find himself falling for. But falling for Annie means giving up the future his sisters so desperately want and deserve. Annie, on the other hand, has enough troubles of her own, being a widow and trying to accomplish her own dreams and goals. But the moment she meets Gerald, she finds the man who is everything she ever wanted and could mean her own chance at love. But can they overcome the obstacles keeping them apart? 

What an entertaining story with a solid cast of characters! While the plot is rather predictable, Annie, in particular, shines as a complicated, passionate and intelligent woman with ambitions and drive. Her independence is liberating, especially considering the era during which the story takes place. The book also features many historical facts that make the story more interesting and sometimes even succeeds in transporting the reader back in time to the eighteenth century. Fans of historical romance will love the little tidbits of historical facts thrown in. Lovers of historical romance will definitely want to check out “A Touch of Silver.” 

Majanka Verstraete