The MacKenzie Regent (The Sinclair Jewels Book Two)


Jamie had a huge problem with alcohol until his older brother died. With his nephew needing a regent, Jamie takes it on without realizing he will have to marry. Agata thought everything was working out in her favor. Despite her husband not being the nicest man, he had given her security and the possibility of children. When he dies, Agata believes that she is to spend the rest of her life alone. However, she soon finds herself on a mission with her sisters to find the Sinclair jewels that have been missing for generations. What Agata doesn't bank on is being paired with her husband's drunken brother and they are to be married. As they both come to terms with the idea of being man and wife, will they both learn to love one another as well?

“The MacKenzie Regent” is a highland romance that fans will love and yearn for more. There is a diverse range of characters in the story although the plot is a little clichéd and slow. However, the dialogue and descriptions are spot on, which shows good research on the part of the author. The imagery is good and really adds to the enjoyment of the book. A real life issue is raised and handled beautifully by Caroline Lee. Fans of highland romance would be crazy not to read this book and add the series to their list. With dynamic characters, engaging and accurate dialogue and beautiful descriptions, what more could a reader ask for?

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick