Embracing the Earl


Lady Caroline Andrews leaves London for Boston and her exiled aunt after the death of her sister only to return three years later. Her father has passed and left her nothing. With a small inheritance from her aunt, Lady Caroline opens a small bookstore and tearoom and resigns herself to dying an old maid. Luke St. Clair is bored with his life as a bachelor and seeks one with substance – a wife, children and love. He commits to entering the upcoming season, but before the yearly events start, his path crosses that of the lovely Lady Caroline.

A strong and intelligent heroine is portrayed through the beautifully crafted words of the author. Her heartbreak, intrigue and inner strength shine through her actions and eloquence. It does take the reader some time to come to like St Claire, as he is presented as a womanizer deluxe. However, the reader's opinion is quickly altered when he meets Lady Caroline.

While the story is an enjoyable read, it is also predictable in its portrayal of the hero and heroine’s growth. It tends to be much like all the other historical romances available to read. At times the plot lacked pace and the natural flow of moving forward. The pair's romance takes almost too long to come to life and leaves the reader frustrated instead of intrigued. The tension is well portrayed and the twist delightful. Well-written villains make for a plethora of excitement. An endearing love story.

Cecilia Robins