The Colonel (A Longbourn's Songbird Novel)


After Richard Fitzwilliam loses the woman he loves for the second time, he decides that alcohol, women and war are a good way to forget. He escapes to try to forget, but he finds himself pulled back to the past time and again. Fast forward and his son Ben walks away from his life, relationship, apartment and returns to his childhood home. When he finds his father's private letters, he discovers something that puts the wind back in his sails. With the help of a local police officer, Ben tries to figure out what went on with his father and figure out how to fix the problems that his father created in the first place. 

Every so often, a book comes along that will stay with a reader long after the book is finished. “The Colonel” is one of those books. The way the author handles the delicate situations is expert and handled perfectly. This is a book of discovery, Ben figuring out what happened with his father, reading his father's letters and coming to his own conclusions. Slipping between the past and the future, the book tells the story from both points of view and gives the reader a true insight to both characters. There is so much that can be said for this book, all of it amazing! Put down whatever is going on right now and read this book. There will be no regrets. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick