Reviews - Historical

Devil’s Cove

CNF:  Due to certain content, “Devil’s Cove”, is a genre that InD’tale does not review.


WESTERN:  Arabella Mayor is no longer the beauty she used to be - which is unfortunate, as the twice-widowed bookseller has a ten-year-old son in need of stability and is runnin

TIME TRAVEL:  Devastated to discover that his wife has had an affair and is filing for divorce, karate champion Lachlan Wallace is not expecting to have an enjoyable Christmas.  He agrees to look after hi

As the youngest of three sons born to nobility, Konrad Von Wolfenberg was pledged to the priesthood. After he becomes disillusioned with the church and begins to question his faith in God altogether, Konrad sets out on a soul-searching journey. He takes a job on a pirate ship with his sole purpose the liberation of slaves being held as cargo.

A Woman So Bold

MAGICAL REALISM:  Landra Elizabeth Andrews has become trapped in her life due to a dark secret that haunts her. Her mother died when she was young and her father soon remarried.