Her Fateful Debut


Penelope Swinton is from a small village in the countryside of England.  When she travels to London to be introduced to society, she has no idea what awaits her.  Perhaps a stunning season as a debutante and a successful betrothal?  Nothing in her experience prepares her for the reality.  Through no fault of her own she becomes a fallen woman betrothed to the notorious Viscount Beau Wellingham in a desperate attempt to save her reputation.  


Full of intrigue, spies and romance, “Her Fateful Debut” is a Regency Romance that keeps the reader engaged from the beginning to the end.  Well researched and deftly written, the novel draws the reader into the period without being sickeningly sweet or over dramatic.  The characters are full of depth and each is interesting and complex.


The plot borders on the formulaic but the author manages to weave a few surprises into the story arc.  Penelope herself is refreshingly authentic.  Ms. Vandagriff keeps her character true to the Regency Period while simultaneously making her relatable to the modern reader.  The characters are allowed to grow and develop throughout the story which in turn adds to the enjoyment of the reader. Ms.  Vandagriff’s novel is a wonderful and articulate window into the past and as well, a darn good story!

“Her Fateful Debut" is well worth reading for anyone who enjoys a great romance.


Gwenellen Tarbet