Faith and the Texas Lawyer (A Brides of Texas Code #4)


TIME TRAVEL:  Faith Daniels has never really fit into her life, and after a messy divorce she turns all her energy into restoring a 1900 Galveston mansion. However, when she tries on a vintage dress she finds in the attic, she is propelled back to 1900 just before the worst natural disaster on record hits the city, and into the arms of the incredibly sexy Joseph Benning. After being dumped by his fiancée, Joseph does not trust women, but then the intriguing Faith somehow appears out of nowhere with stories of time travel and city-leveling storms on the way. There’s something about Faith that Joseph can’t ignore and soon he will have to make a life changing decision.


The fourth book in “The Brides of Texas Code” series, this time travel novella explores the period just before the Galveston Hurricane of 1900. Despite their past heartbreaks, the sparks between Joseph and Faith turn electric very quickly and the steam is what propels this story. With little explanation as to how or why Faith is transported back in time, the story does utilize time traveling to the plot’s advantage, answering questions and keeping the story moving. However, as a novella, the story lacks depth and both the hero and heroine come off as a bit flat as they lack development. Still, the setting is interesting, the passion undeniable, with plenty of exciting side characters to explore in future books. A true time travel winner!


Sarah E Bradley