The Bluebird (Wings of the West Book 5)


WESTERN:  Molly Rose has come from Tucson to Colorado to visit her brother, but he isn’t there to greet her. What she doesn’t know is that his partner, Jake, has been watching her every move. He hopes that she has some idea as to Robert’s whereabouts. She doesn’t know where Robert is, but she is willing to look anywhere. First she goes to a brothel, and then she visits his boarding house several times. Finally, she sneaks into the boarding house and breaks into Robert’s room in the dead of night. It is then that she discovers some damning papers for a mine claim. All the while, Jake watches her. When Jake determines they are in danger, he convinces Molly Rose to leave with him. Not only are their lives in danger, so is his heart.


This lively piece captures the essence of what life was like during the days of the mining boom in Creede, Colorado. The characters on both sides of the law come to life in this rush to find the Bluebird mine. Molly Rose is a sweet, naïve girl who soon learns how the search for ore can turn otherwise normal men into savages. Ms. McCaffrey’s novel moves along at a nice clip as her characters struggle with distrust and betrayal. The reader will find themselves often sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens during the skirmishes about the mines. This is a quick and exciting read! After falling in love with these characters, one might like to go back and read the first four books in the series.


Belinda Wilson