Fool Me Twice

Philippa Jane

Caro Worth never thought the one thing she inherited from her disreputable father would be her salvation, but alone in 18th century London without money or support, her skills at the gaming tables are the only thing she can use to pay the bills. She splits her life in two - her days are spent as a proper gentlewoman and her nights at the card tables, disuised as her fictional half-sister "Angelica". After a time, Caro has almost secured an introduction to a rich Marquis and a stable future without Angelica. When the ineligible Mr. Tobias Felton takes an interest and uncovers her secrets, avoiding him becomes the only way to evade ruination. Yet, once Angelica becomes the target of a powerful man, the enticing Tobias might be Caro’s only chance of redemption.

A unique addition to the historical romance genre, “Fool Me Twice” explores the life of a gentlewoman caught between two lives. Due to the nature of the plot, there is plenty of conflict and a quick pace to keep it going as the story flips between Caro’s two lives. Tobias is an intriguing main lead: he is not an heir or wealthy in his own right, instead a second son who is often a disappointment to his parents. The combination of the unlikely hero and heroine adds plenty of sparks without crossing a line for the genre. Although the conflict solution is a bit convenient and the antagonist is a bit lackluster, this is a must read for historical romance lovers!


Sarah E. Bradley