Reviews - Historical

Major Adam Ashbury is suddenly vaulted out of the cavalry and into a dukedom. With his newfound responsibilities comes the desire for a wife, and he believes he has found the right woman in Thea de Wolfe. Thea isn't out yet, but she cannot believe her good fortune when she is invited to the duke's house party. Although they had only met once before, she felt attracted to the handsome lord.

The Lazare family saga begins in Saint-Domingue, present day Haiti, and follows the travails of the Lazare family to their new home of Charleston, South Carolina. Joseph Lazare has always believed his darker complexion came from a Spanish grandmother until he and his sisters learn the truth.

Three years ago, Elaina arrived on the island of Alderney. Other than her name, her past is a mystery. Meanwhile, Tristan Trent, Marquess of Hopkins, continues to mourn the disappearance of his wife at sea. As each grapples with a major decision that will affect their future, Elaina's true identity is discovered. Tristan is overjoyed that his wife is alive.

Julianna Feathers escapes her madman of a husband because of his death and attempts to find the one man she has always loved, William Stone. With this unexpected chance, Julianna leaves to create a new life for herself, traveling to Lismoor to finally find William. But, when Julianna gets there, she meets Nicholas MacPherson, the earl of Rothbury.

Lily and her husband, Alfred, head out west after the family fortune is lost. While on their way to their new beginning, they are set upon by Indians, and Alfred is killed. Lily is taken hostage then sold to a Lakota Tribe. Lakota warrior Tahatan refused to take another wife after his previous one passed away. When he is forced to marry Lily, she fights against him at every opportunity.