Thea (The de Wolfes of Esterley Castle Book 3)


Major Adam Ashbury is suddenly vaulted out of the cavalry and into a dukedom. With his newfound responsibilities comes the desire for a wife, and he believes he has found the right woman in Thea de Wolfe. Thea isn't out yet, but she cannot believe her good fortune when she is invited to the duke's house party. Although they had only met once before, she felt attracted to the handsome lord. During the house party, the two discover they are made for one another. Disaster strikes, threatening to destroy their chance of happiness and a future, but Thea is a de Wolfe, and she will brave anything to be with the man she loves.

Alexa Aston offers up a sweet romance that will satisfy her fans! Thea and Adam's romance progresses swiftly and effortlessly across the page and that is the main problem. There is little to keep these two apart. The one external problem that arises is resolved so quickly it doesn't have the impact it could have had. Also, several young couples form connections during the house party, which provided potential subplots, but once Adam and Thea settle matters between them, these couples disappear from the page. For readers looking for an easy-to-read, uncomplicated regency, "Thea" hits the mark. Adam and Thea make a lovely pair and seeing them find their happily-ever-after is a pleasure!

Tricia Hill