Through The Eyes of A Captive (The Wildflower Women Collection Book 3)

Angela Christina

Lily and her husband, Alfred, head out west after the family fortune is lost. While on their way to their new beginning, they are set upon by Indians, and Alfred is killed. Lily is taken hostage then sold to a Lakota Tribe. Lakota warrior Tahatan refused to take another wife after his previous one passed away. When he is forced to marry Lily, she fights against him at every opportunity. Custer is wiping out tribes on his way to the Black Hills. Lily must overcome everything to help her new husband and defend her new family. There is so much at stake, and Lily has already lost so much. Will she be able to keep them safe and fight Custer? 

As historical romances go, this one is good. There's action, suspense, romance and a host of both factual and fictional characters for readers to get their teeth into. What takes away from it is the cliché, and the story is a little cumbersome in places. There are a lot of very heavy subjects tackled in this book, and they could have been researched better. The characters are varied and the relationship between the main characters was well handled. This is an interesting book with real historical points thrown in. It’s one of those books that those interested in the time period and subject matter will enjoy. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick