The Forgotten Marquess (The Other Trents-Book 1)


Three years ago, Elaina arrived on the island of Alderney. Other than her name, her past is a mystery. Meanwhile, Tristan Trent, Marquess of Hopkins, continues to mourn the disappearance of his wife at sea. As each grapples with a major decision that will affect their future, Elaina's true identity is discovered. Tristan is overjoyed that his wife is alive. But Elaina has no memory of him, so it is decided that she should return to her childhood home to begin her healing. Some memories return, but none of her husband. Tristan is desperate to get his wife back and frustrated at the medical rules preventing him from revealing all about their life together. Elaina, however, discovers diaries of her courtship and as she learns what drew her to Tristan, she falls for him once again. But Elaina must return to Tristan's estate, to where it all started. It's a journey she dreads, to Tristan's dismay. Can they find the key to unlock Elaina's memories before all is truly lost?

"The Forgotten Marquess" is a tale of second chances that will warm readers' hearts! This is the first book in "The Other Trent" series. The courtship between the two is sweet. However, too many characters are introduced at the start, making it difficult to keep the relationships straight. Moreover, Tristan's complication with the duke at the beginning ends up being more of a hiccup than a calamity, which begs the question of whether it was necessary to include. Nonetheless, Ms. Charles weaves a story of a love so deep that readers will be clamoring for the next in the series! 

Tricia Hill