Heart of Stone (Hearts of the Highlands Book 3)


Julianna Feathers escapes her madman of a husband because of his death and attempts to find the one man she has always loved, William Stone. With this unexpected chance, Julianna leaves to create a new life for herself, traveling to Lismoor to finally find William. But, when Julianna gets there, she meets Nicholas MacPherson, the earl of Rothbury. Nicholas is an abominable guy, unwilling to even give Julianna a chance. As Julianna gets to know Nicholas, however, something seems peculiar about him. He reminds her so much of William. Is it possible William could be Nicholas?  As the mystery deepens, Julianna must fight the ever-growing feud between two countries and her growing attraction to Nicholas, which just might be fatal.

What a great rollicking tale, filled with mystery and romance along the English Scottish border! There is a bit of choppiness in the beginning with some confusion of family history and what happened in characters’ pasts, but the story eventually evens out for a truly enjoyable read, making the book literally hard to put down! There are also many unbelievable plot twists, but still the strong writing carries the book. Nicholas, the harsh, emotionless, complex hero ends up having a caring nature, causing him to be truly swoon-worthy and lovable; Julianna, the smart, feisty, independent heroine is one that definitely will make any woman proud. The story never slows down! The heart stopping action will give the reader an adventure to behold!

Roslynn Ernst