Reviews - Historical

Codes of Courage
A.L. Sowards

War in Europe and Britain brought out the best and worst in people, depending on their penchant for forgiveness versus revenge. Ms. Sowards uses the foundation of World War II to create a tapestry of interwoven events of friends, family, loss, and love.

A Lady’s Promise
Raneé S. Clark

Isabella DeVries prefers spending time on her engineering designs than looking for a husband, but after four seasons, she has no choice. When a dear friend offers a marriage of convenience, she hesitates, until she learns he is dying. Preston Baxter owes Isabella’s father and is determined to see Isabella gain independence.

Lady Gabriella and Lady Rebecca are best friends who had their coming out together seven years ago. Now married to an earl and a duke respectively, the two of them are pursuing their passion to provide a safe haven to unfortunate women of the lower classes who have suffered at the hands of “their betters”.

Chiara's Choice
Chalon Linton

A sweeping historical romance, Italian fire meets British composure and produces sparks of attraction so powerful, neither Chiara Madero, the daughter of an Italian baron, or Mr. Abraham Jamison, a second born gentleman can resist them. At least not for long.

Lady Adelia Winthrop wants nothing more than to return to England with her father and hope that she can find a husband. However, her father is determined to stay in Egypt, and unfortunately there are no prospects for her hand. However, that all changes when Phineas Fernley shows up. Despite his unkempt appearance, Adelia is intrigued.