The Archaeologist and The Spinster (Fernley Family A Regency-era Romance Book 3)

Angela Johnson

Lady Adelia Winthrop wants nothing more than to return to England with her father and hope that she can find a husband. However, her father is determined to stay in Egypt, and unfortunately there are no prospects for her hand. However, that all changes when Phineas Fernley shows up. Despite his unkempt appearance, Adelia is intrigued. Sadly it seems there story is not meant to be when they go in separate directions. Then Adelia makes a ‘sort of’ wish to an Egyptian goddess—she doesn’t want to be a spinster for the rest of her life. It is her last hope. Phineas on the other hand is trying to concentrate on his work, but he cannot stop thinking about Adelia.

What stands out is how well written this book is. The descriptions of the Egyptian landscape are beautiful and will have readers feeling the sand between their toes. Phineas and Adelia are made for one another, but it takes a while for them to realize it. Angela Johnson has done her research into Egypt and the history and mythology surrounding it. Fans who enjoy historical romance and have an interest in ancient Egypt will eat this book up! If this is the first book in the series for readers, there will most definitely be a stampede of people going back to read the first two books in the series. A great read and one that should be enjoyed outside in the sun or under a blanket as the sun goes down. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick