A Lady’s Promise

Raneé S. Clark

Isabella DeVries prefers spending time on her engineering designs than looking for a husband, but after four seasons, she has no choice. When a dear friend offers a marriage of convenience, she hesitates, until she learns he is dying. Preston Baxter owes Isabella’s father and is determined to see Isabella gain independence. He is also determined to keep his inheritance out of the hands of his younger half-brother unless he sees changes in his behavior. Prince Baxter has lived a life of privilege and resents his brother’s penny-pinching ways, but he knows he must dance to his brother’s tune to see his inheritance. If it means charming the woman his brother has chosen to marry, he’ll do so. Except Isabella is compassionate, genuine, and far more interesting than any of the socialites Prince usually meets. As Isabella strives to bridge the chasm between the two brothers, Prince discovers a new purpose and understanding in life, but is it a lesson learned too late?

“A Lady’s Promise” expertly weaves an emotional drama of heartache and love that will linger on long after the story ends! Isabella delights as a heroine in 1895 New York, with her unladylike interest in engineering and her desire to make the lives of those around her more comfortable. Prince lives up to his name in that he believes he deserves the elegancies of life. His growth over the course of the story is gradual but believable. It’s this transformation, along with Preston’s illness, that dominate the story, yet it’s Isabella and her belief in love that lights the way. “A Lady’s Promise” touches readers’ hearts with a message that love transcends all!

Tricia Hill