Codes of Courage

A.L. Sowards

War in Europe and Britain brought out the best and worst in people, depending on their penchant for forgiveness versus revenge. Ms. Sowards uses the foundation of World War II to create a tapestry of interwoven events of friends, family, loss, and love. Austrian-born Karl (Ecker) Lang escaped his family’s estate, Falcon Point in Austria, as Nazis invaded and his father died getting betrayed. Before his eighteenth birthday, he and two sisters and their Nanny fled, vowing to meet in England. He meets Millie Stevens, daughter of an American diplomat, who helped modify his documents for a chance at service in the Royal Navy. The brief encounter between a well-bred Austrian gentleman and a British-American lady remained firmly entrenched in their memories, impacting their lives in unforeseen ways.

“Codes of Courage” is a realistic historical fiction that delves into the love of family and children from the British, American, Austrian, and German perspectives. Of particular interest, the written correspondence between characters over months and years share the thoughts and feelings of the main characters. Stellar character development by Ms. Sowards suits the vivid scenes of war in and out of battles woven with the problematic choices often made in an unchangeable instant. Karl, an honorable young man, made unforgettable decisions resulting in a stunning impact on his German enemies. Options in war, relationships, and honor are neither easy nor perfect. Fans of historical fiction will enjoy the realism depicted from the facts of war and sit alongside during these memorable times until the intertwined yet unexpected conclusion.

Simone Dober