Captivated By His Countess (Rebel Lords of London Book 7)

Kathy L. Wheeler

Lady Gabriella and Lady Rebecca are best friends who had their coming out together seven years ago. Now married to an earl and a duke respectively, the two of them are pursuing their passion to provide a safe haven to unfortunate women of the lower classes who have suffered at the hands of “their betters”. A number of these unfortunates have disappeared from the theatre district in Drury Lane, and none less than the Prime Minister of England himself has set his best covert agent, Gabby’s husband, the Earl of Huntley, to investigate! But Lord Huntley, unaware of his wife’s philanthropy, wishes to shield her from the suspicious eyes of Crown and country, while Lady Huntley knows nothing about her husband’s undercover work. Will the secrets they keep from one another doom Lord and Lady Huntley’s fragile marriage?

“Captivated By His Countess” showcases both the plight and the strengths of the “gentler sex” in Regency London. Gabby and Rebecca are steadfast in their support of raped and battered women, even as they discover that many have been abused by so-called gentlemen from within their own social circle. At times, Gabby’s actions, while compassionate, are reckless and naïve. She repeatedly rebuffs her husband’s concern for her well-being and puts herself in harm’s way. Fortunately, the handsome earl dotes on his rebellious countess, and her efforts are rewarded with success and a near scrape with disaster. This delightful and passionate love story would be even better if not for confusing plot gaps (supposedly due to overlaps in this book series) and some glaring editing issues and misused words that contribute to reader frustration. Still, a fun distraction from everyday life.


Joan Lai