Reviews - Historical

When Jack Billabard loses his wife in childbirth, he makes a vow there will never be another. He buries himself in work as a trail guide on the Oregon Trail, but he cannot outrun his grief and guilt over his wife’s death. When Sarah’s abusive, drunken husband gets himself killed, she doesn’t have many options. A widow with a small boy, her only hope is to become a mail-order bride.

Grace Kingsley is trapped in her guardian's home — a guardian who is hell-bent on marrying her to someone even more sinister than he. She falls into the arms of Charley Everly at a ball, who then helps her plan her escape. Everly is looking for a Spanish lady that can help him find a spy. The more he gets to know Grace the more he suspects she is the one he has been looking for all along.


Sure, Sophie McCurdy knew about the curse before she donned the enchanted dress. She just never expected it to work. Now she is trapped in Grancourt Castle along with Fay, the original time traveler, who tells her that she has exactly one year to find her true love, break the spell, and save everyone in the castle. Easy enough, right?

Lady Nicola Mortimer’s evil husband devises a plan that backfires spectacularly when he deliberately places his wife with Fawkes de Cressy, hoping to keep his own vices hidden.  The passion that ignites between them sustains Fawkes through the rigors of the crusades, until he finally gains the right to wed Nicola and rule her lands. However, once they are married, doubts begin to emerge.

In the autumn of 1810, Allison Forbes sets out to fulfill her father’s dying wish. He wanted her to visit relatives in Wyllie, Kentucky and take the time to grieve before deciding whether to keep or sell the plantation left in her care.