The Duke of Darkness (A Legend to Love #10)


The Duke of Rhuddlan is under attack by none other than his brother, Nick. Nick wants the Dukedom for himself. There are very few people Rhuddlan can trust. When he suffers a head injury, the beautiful Olivia Stone and her loyal dog are there to help him. Rhuddlan is grateful for her help and can’t help but return the favor when she comes to him explaining that there is a man threatening her. However, Rhuddlan has dark secrets that make everyone fearful of him. Olivia keeps her true name hidden because of her past. Rhuddlan and Olivia, both with people who are determined to hurt them and now have each other. But can they trust each other? Both of them have reputations that say otherwise. 

This mysterious historical romance is nothing short of captivating! This story has so many wonderful layers — it is a mix of so many genres, like historical romance, mystery and suspense. The emotions displayed by the main characters is palpable. They have an intensity that will have readers wanting more. It is so wonderful to see the themes of truth and the fact that one can have a family without being related by blood. Even though it is a different time period, it is still relatable. There are some moments that could have used more details in regards to the supporting characters. Nonetheless, historical details and other descriptions are absolutely delightful! This book will leave readers thinking about the story and characters long after they finish reading the final page!

Amanda Hupe