Red River Rifles (Wilderness Dawning #1)


WESTERN:  As the War of 1812 comes to a close and American settlers move further west, the bravest settle the narrow strip of land along the Red River in Texas, in an area disputed between Arkansas, Mexico, and the Native American tribes that roam the area. Securing the land could cost lives, but once won, families, like Samuel Wyllie’s, will be able to carve out a future for themselves. Unfortunately, life and love are challenging out west. Lousia Pate’s only goal is to survive her cruel father and protect her younger brother Adam. When an Indian raid sends them fleeing across the river, they find dangers they aren’t prepared to face alone. As Samuel strives to protect the siblings, they discover that even in the vastness of Texas, with danger all around, courage, love, and friendship will provide help in unexpected ways. 

A well-executed western historical romance, “Red River Rifles” is the first in Ms. Wiley’s spin-off “Wilderness Dawning” series. Incorporating real-life people and events into a fictional tale, Ms. Wiley presents the West as it was, with romance and danger interwoven. Conflicts portraying man vs. man, self, and nature are all included, giving exciting moments of action full of desperation and heroism. Although the story is well researched, its main drawback is the constant historical information interwoven with the story that distracts from showing the tale instead of telling it, slowing the building romance and action. Still, the relationship between the characters is not only clean and sweet but sets the stage for further family stories. Lovers of Ms. Wiley’s tales and western romance won’t want to miss it!

Sarah E Bradley