Quinlan’s Quest: A Lipstick and Lead Story (The Alphabet Mail-Order Brides Book 17)


Quinlan grew up with an alcoholic father who abused her. When she was seven, after a terrible accident, she was sent to an orphanage. Now, she is old enough to get married and begin working as a teacher. She answers an ad for a wife from a man named Will. Will does not know that his mother placed an ad in the paper for a wife. Needless to say, both Quinlan and Will are skeptical about this marriage. As time passes, their relationship grows. Quinlan loves her job as a teacher, even though she is dealing with prejudices toward a student with a native father. Will soon discovers that the man who killed his brother is still out there. Can Will protect his new wife and bring this man to justice?

This touching book will leave readers with their hearts fluttering but also dabbing their eyes. Once this book is opened, be prepared, there is no putting it down. The characters are charming and immediately grab the reader’s attention. Quinlan has wonderful development and shows that she is capable and strong. Watching Will fall in love with her is heartwarming.  The story touches on serious issues such as alcoholism, abuse, PTSD, and prejudice. However, there are sweet moments and even laugh out loud ones as well. Will’s mother is quite the spitfire and makes the story so colorful!  The only downside is that the story is so short, leaving readers anxious to read the other 16 books in the series. So pick up a cup of tea and enjoy this lovely historical western romance!

Amanda Hupe