The Pirate's Jewel: Pirates of Britannia Connected World (Pirates of Britannia #16)

Ruth A.

Wesley Reynolds is determined to avenge his family’s wrongful banishment by his father’s best friends. Arranging a plan to ruin Lord Ewan and Graeme Maxwell’s trading network and steal their most precious jewel, Wesley feels sure of success, but the last thing he expects is the distraction presented by Maxwell’s enchanting daughter, Darla. Darla knows her father would marry her off, but her gift of sight haunts her with an unclear vision of a man in trouble. A man that looks a lot like Wesley or her cousin’s betrothed.  Uncertain which man is actually in danger, Darla seeks to change the future, but the truth rarely comes to light without conflict. Can pirates be foiled and love won, or will vengeance destroy them both?

A fast-paced historical romance with a Scottish setting, “The Pirate’s Jewel” is the sixteenth book in the “Pirates of Britannia” series but is a stand-alone tale.  With its combination of romance and adventure, this book has a conflicted but determined hero and an ill-informed but brave heroine. Instant attraction, diverse circumstances, and some light paranormal elements, are thrown together in this interesting story where sparks fly between the main characters, giving this Scottish pirate tale an enticing edge. Unfortunately, the story’s quick pace rushes the romance and forces the plot to jump with each scene change. Often these jumps are distracting as the characters seem to be dragged from one place to another regardless of time and seem to repeat or forget conversations. Still, the main plot is interesting, and the characters and setting are fun, making this a good lazy day book for fans of this type of romance. 

Sarah E Bradley