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After a series of unfortunate events, Lady Eugenie finds herself marrying a man known as the Beast of Ravengrove in a desperate attempt to protect herself and her unborn child.  Determined to make the best of the situation, Eugenie goes out of her way to tame this beast.  Adrian only marries Eugenie as a favor to an old friend, a favor he cannot deny.  Even though he agrees to marry her, he wan

A stolen kiss between the Duke of Everleigh and Lorna de Wolfe thrusts these two down a road neither thought possible.  Lorna for one has never had the desire to fall in love, not wanting to risk putting herself through possible heartbreak.  Everleigh is known for being rather flirtatious, enjoying the life of an unattached bachelor.  However, all that changes with one kiss.  Now, Lorna is faci

Stars are Brightly Shining: A Magical Holiday Collection
Paula Quinn, Meara Platt, Collette Cameron, Mary Lancaster, Alexa Aston,
Sydney Jane Baily, Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Lynne Connolly, Avril Borthiry, Aubrey Wynne

Christmas is about more than gifts, and that is exactly the focus of this delightful holiday collection. This collection of 10 holiday stories range from the Highlands of Scotland to Regency London. The first story in the collection is “Heart of Thanks.” Raphael and Elysande see each other from across the room, but their clans are feuding.

STEAMPUNK/LGBTQIA:  Rafe Lancaster has responsibilities. Responsibilities that he would rather ignore. His father is sick and does not have much time left. Rafe is the heir to House Stravaigor and this requires him to produce an heir of his own, which means he must marry. However, Rafe is already in love with Ned Winters.

Faith Cameron has been fostered by the Pendray family for a few years. She was rescued by Gray Pendray after her father was executed for treason and her mother committed suicide, and she has never forgotten about him. For the last few years, Gray has been a spy for the Scottish Council. When he comes home, he sees how Faith has blossomed into a beautiful young woman.