Reviews - Historical

Kinnon Macrory has fought hard to prove his worth on the battlefield while fighting the English in France. Set to inherit a Lairdship, he has a lot to prove.

Love’s Legacy

Rebecca Sumerfield has always loved the story surrounding the ruins of Babylon Castle, so when she spies a light in one of the towers, she decides to investigate.

When Ivory Shepard kills Captain Christopher Barclay to keep him from ordering the death of the crew of a merchant ship, she lands herself and her cousins in even more danger than they were already in.

Delirious with fever, Hettie Fairfax stumbles into a graveyard with one thing on her mind: she must tell Captain Stuart Monroe that the treasure he seeks is cursed!

Not only was Vietnam a historic point in American history, it was momentous for SEAL team member Jack “Cowboy” Kerr.  Cowboy’s boots and jeans might have given rise to his name but his city-slicker upbringing didn’t prepare him f