The Fisherman’s Bride


CHRISTIAN:  The woman who would become the wife of Simon Peter, the first Apostle, is never given a name, but in this book, the author gives her a believable story. Readers will be riveted as this unnamed young woman is shunned by her family for choosing a poor fisherman for a husband. As the newlywed couple struggles to survive, their love is tested to the limits. Oppressed by the Romans, revolution is being whispered and there are those who want Simon to join the cause. Yet, there is also talk of a prophet who has come to save them. Can Simon and his wife find the peace they are searching for individually and as a couple?

The author does a tremendous job of taking the reader back in time to when Jesus walked the earth. The well-known Biblical stories are fleshed out and given details that provide an experience of actually being there. Liberties are taken in regards to the personality and personal interactions of Jesus Christ and Simon Peter that some may find uncomfortable and there were times when the pacing dragged a bit with angles that didn’t pertain to the characters and their story. Overall, however, this is a fresh and original interpretation of the events surrounding Simon Peter and the unknown woman he married.

Kate Campbell