The Pirate’s Debt (Regent's Revenge #2)


Lady Chloe Walsingham has her head in the clouds, hoping for romance and adventure. When she sets out to find her true love, the Earl of Markwick, her ship is attacked and Chloe must rely on renowned pirate, the Black Regent, to save her. But when she’s in the Black Regent’s arms, she realizes the pirate is really Markwick! Before he can get her to safety, however, the government’s revenue man, Chloe’s brother, finds them. Choices must be made and the consequences might be hard to live with, but Chloe is determined to do whatever it takes to find happiness with her family and the man she’s traveled the world to find.

This story is a rip-roaring adventure on the high seas! The historical research is well-done and doesn’t overshadow the story, yet there are enough vivid details that the reader can nearly feel the spray from the ships. At times, the events stretch the edge of believability, but at the same time, that adds to the feeling of a fantasy adventure at sea. Chloe is naïve, but the author draws her within the restrictions of the time period, adding another layer of believability. Her dashing hero Markwick is three-dimensional with all of his insecurities and yet, has charm to spare befitting a pirate. The supporting cast is also authentic and adds another angle to the perils they face from wreckers, government agents, and pirates. A fast-moving tale that will leave readers breathless!

Kate Campbell