The Marquess and the Midwife

Alina K.

Virgil Radcliffe has returned from a self-imposed exile to London as the new Marquess of Wallingford. Even after leaving to fight Napoleon he was unable to forget the woman he fell in love with, but upon his return she appears to have vanished from the face of the earth. When he stays in his friend’s house he belatedly realizes that the woman he has been searching for is just a bedroom away. Midwife Ameline Dawes has been asked to assist in her friend’s childbirth. She also has a secret and a broken heart. Little does she know that when she attends to her friend, the man who broke her heart is under the same roof.

The story is a romantic cat and mouse game between star-crossed lovers. What makes this different from other Regency romances is the author’s use of the concept of single parenthood (which was taboo back then), and how one can still have a respectable life. The sensual tension between Virgil and Ameline is palpable throughout. The author did not need to go into every intimate detail of the still-burning attraction between the two protagonists. Dialogue, in this case, was used to build the tension which culminated in an HEA for Virgil and Ameline.

With interesting characters and a modern concept used to spur the story forward, readers will find Ms. Field’s story a refreshing take on Regency romances.

M.P. Ceja