Between Home and Heartbreak


WESTERN:  Jane Dority disappears one rainy night after practicing horseback riding tricks with her best friend, Lewis. Eighteen years later, a young woman who looks and acts similar to Jane enters Lewis’ life. She knows so many things that only Jane would know, yet he knows she can’t possibly be Jane. This woman calls herself Eldora and she is a performer in a traveling show. She has come to claim the Dority property that Lewis has bought and has been working for years. She claims she is Jane and her husband, Roy, wants the property. Little does he know that there is a blackmailer at work who wants the property for nefarious reasons.

A beautiful backdrop showcases this story of the Wild West and the times of the Wild West show. One can see the mountains and streams as the characters ride past them throughout the story. One can hear the nickering of the horses and see the stampede when the horses break loose. Mystery surrounds Eldora and whether she is in fact, Jane Dority - however, the answer is revealed a bit too soon. Although the main characters are fully fleshed out, the secondary characters of Roy, Vandrill, and others tend to be without depth. One would like to know more about the Jane character, but she is a loose end at the conclusion of the novel. A real page turner, this is a quick and satisfying read.

Belinda Wilson