Reviews - Historical

The Line That Divides

Marianne Leichtner couldn’t care less about romance – with World War II ravaging Europe, she has little time to think about anything but survival.

One Last Letter

Evelyn Lancaster fell in love with Jesse Greenwood when she was 16, before she went away to finishing school. When she came home she hadn’t forgotten about her first love, but she thought it her duty to marry for money in order to help her father’s struggling ranch stay afloat.

Never Waste Tears

In the 1840’s five very different people started out on a journey.  None were 100% sure where it would take them, but they were excited about the new adventures that lay ahead.

Devastated by the loss of his wife in childbirth, overwhelmed by the duties left to him by his deceased father, and called upon to defend the church as a knight in the Crusades, Colin finds himself in need of a mother for his newborn son.

Triumphator (Magnus #2)
Robert Allen

Why are lesser men often threatened by the great? Gnaeus Pompey Magnus has earned his title and status, yet he feels more comfortable among his men-of-war than he does among the senators of Rome.